Monday, December 6, 2010

Made it Monday...check out..

I have stumbled across a problem in my Made it Monday posts. All the things I have been making recently are Christmas presents for friends and family, most of whom do check out this blog occasionally! So in order to keep the surprise for Christmas I will have to defer posting until gifts are given!

However, I thought I would mention a great sewing blog that I have been following.

ikatbags has lots of great sewing tips. Recently she has done on series on how to make different types of pockets. Excellent stuff and has saved me a trip to the shops! One project I am working on needed a little something extra so I was going to buy some buttons to add to it but I got inspired by ikatbags to attempt a pocket instead. Will let you know how it goes!

So check out ikatbag...

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  1. I love your profile photo! And your philosophy of dancing in the rain. Isn't that just what life is sometimes? To precious to merely survive storm-to-storm. And your three little girls will grow up so fast that all the storms on hindsight will pale in comparison to the richness of your journey - so much packed into ever-quickening years! Thank you for mentioning my blog today - I appreciate it so much!