Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The smell of Christmas....

The scouts were selling Christmas trees on Saturday were we take the girls for swimming lessons.

They have never had a real tree so I took them over to smell the trees.

I love the smell of Christmas trees. It takes me back to Christmas time as a child. I use to love coming home in December and scent of the tree hitting you as you walked in the door. It was the sensual reminder that Christmas and all its magic was just around the corner.

We picked a few little branches off the ground on Saturday and I have them in a vase and occasionally the perfume radiates.

Maybe next year we don't think about the mess and the cost of a real tree and invest in the smell of Christmas.

What smells remind you of Christmas? Do you go real or fake with your tree?


  1. Well, personally I think picking up some of the leftovers for the vase and placing it strategically next to your marvellous plastic jobby is a terrific idea. It's one I'll be doing next year! Real trees last such a small amount of time and then that lovely fresh pine smell becomes so rank that Christmas has to vacate the house waaaaay before 12th night!!! x

  2. Real all the way! We always had real as kids so I can't quite come at the fake ones. The mess is not a prob; but def getting in early with the scouts is recommended - much fresher than from a snobby Hornsby deli that pretty much sold us a dead one last year. The one we have this year smells lovely :) and the kids had so much fun decorating it!

  3. real - because it was the one tradition we had that I've kept :) I love it and so do my kids and on top of that I've found myself attracted to the "odd" trees, so end up spending a lot less than the "perfect" trees :)
    (oh and love your blog :))