Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Baby...

Dear Baby,

The weekend just past would have been quite different had you made it out into the world. We would have been celebrating your first birthday.

After deciding that we would like a third child and watching the months go by until two blue lines appeared there was excitement that you had arrived. Although I never felt quite right, somehow I think I knew you wouldn't be around for long.

Only 6 weeks. Enough time to start thinking about summer with a newborn baby. To wonder if you were a girl or a boy, what you would look like, how you would fit into our family, to glance at baby clothes in the shops again...

But it wasn't to be. You will always remain a lovely potential.

Love always,



  1. My thoughts are with you, I have lost 2 of my angel babies around Christmas time, one will have been 5 tomorrow. It's difficult all on it's own without being christmas time. Xoxox

  2. Oh dude! That sucks. A lovely post to your potential :) x

  3. Always remain. That's the thing. x