Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2011 here we come...

This week I purchased our 2011 calender. We have started getting some appointments/invites for the new year and I feared loosing all the bits of paper I was writing them on. So I am excited to have found this one at Kikki K.

Looking around Kikki K it is a shame we have become a paperless society in some ways, I have always loved new stationary and Kikki K had some beautiful stuff. Be warned though they don't return items. I bought the biggest calender and then when I got home it didnt fit the calender space so I changed it for the smaller one and they wouldn't refund me the $5. You could think returning it within 2 days would be ok. So now I have a credit voucher which is a bit annoying. Anyway...

My 2010 calender has been less than satisfactory. Besides having a very cute picture of a fairy in the garden drawn by MiniMe at the top it has been a bit annoying so I am very excited about my new calender.

It has a column for each member of the family, one for birthdays and space to write notes at the bottom.

With MiniMe starting school and Goofy at preschool I feel like my calender is going to become a crucial part of my daily routine.

I feel like I have one tool in my belt for 2011 now...what else do I need?

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  1. I have the 2010 version of your calendar. It has been great (and one of the only ones I could find that had columns for a family of six!). Good luck preparing for 2011. I feel overwhlmed already with the stuff that is happening!