Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meet my babysitter...

"I feel so bad I have just had little Johnny in front of the TV so I can get XYZ done..."

Why is it that we feel bad about letting our children watch TV? If it appropriate for their age and is not all they do all day everyday then I don't see the harm. I say this as my two eldest are watching ABC for kids while JJ is sleeping. We are going out to carols tonight and we all need a little quiet time and JJ needs some uninterrupted sleep. Is someone looking for some justification?! In general they will watch up to two hours a day if we are home all day. That sounds a lot when I write it but the quiet it brings does not seem that long!!

I read a book that asked would you trust your children with a babysitter who dressed inappropriately, swore at them, told them not to listen to their parents, to desire many a material thing, who modelled bad relationships etc. When you think about it many TV programs and advertisements are doing just this. Somehow I don't think they were talking about ABC for kids TV! I think they were more referring to letting your children watch 'adult' TV shows but it did serve to make me think about what shows I put on for my children and what things my 'babysitter' might be teaching them.

I like what Playschool has to teach them and the other day they were watching a show where they were thinking about what to do when you feel angry in a way that I hadn't thought to express. Bindi the jungle girl has been popular the last few weeks and MiniMe has been telling me different wildlife facts. Bindi can came and babysit anytime!

What is your stance on children and TV? How much do you allow your children to watch a day? Any babysitters that are not invited back?

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with TV. I wish my kids didn't love it so much!