Friday, December 10, 2010

We are going on a wombat hunt...

A friend very kindly invited Goofy and I to join them on a trip to the zoo this week.

On the way I asked Goofy what animal she wanted to see.


Anything else?


The warm summer sun had comatosed the lions and they lay sprawled out in the shade at the back of their enclosure.

Our friends had to leave and we had a spare half an hour before I had to leave to get MiniMe so Goofy and I went on a wombat hunt.

We followed the path which promised wombats at its end. Goofy politely told me that her legs were tired of running. She hopped in the toddler seat and I pushed her up and up the hills. Hot. Kangaroos were spotted. Surely we were close if we were seeing Australian animals?

I looked at the map and I could not for the life of me figure out where the wombats were in relation to us. Sore legs.

'Sorry Goofy we will have to go home and see the wombats another day'

I turn around and the sun sparkles off a purple sign - Platypus and Wombat!

As our eyes adjust to the darkness of the cave all I can see if rocks, dirt, scrubs. No wombat. The platypus is doing some beautiful gliding and diving.

We leave. Goofy request one more check before we go. Back into the cave. The rock at the front moves, scratches itself in its sleepy state!

The wombat!!

Two seconds later Goofy is ready to go home.

We are not going on a wombat hunt again!

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