Monday, December 20, 2010

Made it Mondays.....Aliens..

We have fairies, princesses, bumble bees, chefs, ballerinas but no alien dress ups.

So when we were invited to an alien dress up party I saw it as an opportunity to expand our dress up collection and to try out a pattern I have had sitting on my sewing table.

The above it the result - Alien fairies.

The girls each made their own fairy wings by using glitter glue to stick on lots of colourful googly eyes. I did put a matching band of netting at the bottom but they both complained of it being itchy so they ended up remaining upturned.

I did make an alien hat too as I have been wanting to try that out too but the neither of the girls wanted to wear it! Oh well, I had fun making it!

I wonder how often they will come out of the dress up box!?!


  1. Shame there is no photo of the hat! x

  2. I have photogtraphic evidence of the hat don't I? Your girls looked awesome (and were such a cute twosome!). Thanks for coming and making Doo Dah's birthday a wonderful time for all :)