Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tiny Tots Tuesday....JJ

I started this blog when JJ was only a few months old and so it was hard to come up with a suitable blog name for her. She hadn't really been around long enough to think of what would capture her.

JollyJumper largely came about because when I was writing her introduction she was outside contentedly in the Jolly Jumper. JollyJumper is a bit long to write so I have recently taken to shortening it to JJ here in blog world.

So a few months on would I change the name I gave her (as if choosing her real name wasn't hard enough!)?

I could have gone for

  • EarlyRiser - she has a bond with the sun in that they like getting up at the same time
  • Cheeky - there is a definite cheeky sparkle in her eyes
  • BlueEyes - we have got the trifecta of eye colours in our girls.
  • Dymples - goes with a gorges smile
  • Smiley - she greets us with a smile you just cant help but reciprocate
  • LuckyLast - no more babies (in our plans anyway!)
  • Bugalugs - not sure why but she gets called this a bit
  • Boombaladas - she has a great set of thighs that you cant wrap your fingers around, very sqeezable
  • Heffalump - she is by far our biggest baby
  • MiniU2 - some say she looks alot like U2
  • Mummy's Girl - she likes to have me in her eye line at all times
  • Blondie - all our girls have very different hair colours and she looks to be a bit of a strawberry blonde
  • Bubbie - she will always be the baby in the family!

In the end I think jolly describes her very well. She is a lovely jolly baby. 

U2 and I both liked the idea of having a child with a middle name starting with J so that they could have a two letter nickname so JJ satisfies that desire. And she still loves to jump.

So JJ it remains.

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  1. I'm glad you didn't change it... she's just such a Jolly Jumping JJ! That's a great photo. x