Friday, December 3, 2010

Blue skies...

The rain has held out today and it has been a lovely sunny days with blue skies.

My brother and his family came round for a play this morning which was great. Always great spending time with them.

MiniMe wrote a surfboard book for my brother as he enjoys a paddle. Goofy planned to share her spray bottle with her cousin. I love is when they are thoughtful.

We then went to MiniMe's new school for a picnic only to find that this weeks wet weather had meant that they had cancelled it yesterday. Apparently we should have called to see if it was one. I saw the blue skies and didn't think twice. It was nice to meet a few other mums anyway as we have a picnic anyway!

Hopefully the blue skies continue for the weekend.

What have you been doing with the clearer skies?

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