Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If our Barbies could talk....

MiniMe was playing with her Barbies and I was suprised to hear that they were talking with American accents.

This got me wondering what accent Barbie would have if she could in fact talk.

And what would she say?

Occasionally my inability to throw things out pays off and the decision to keep all my childhood Barbies, their clothes, car, pool, fridge, kitchen, bed, bean bag, cutlery.... (you get the idea, I had a big Barbie collection!) is one such occasion. Had I had three boys it would have been a different story but with three girls I am feeling quite pleased with myself!

Anyway, the point of that digression is that these Barbies are the secret keepers of my little girl hopes and dreams. They are how I worked through what sort of adult, wife, mother I wanted to be. I have clear memories of sitting on my bedroom floor helping Barbie get ready for her first dance, assisting her make dinner in the kitchen for her family,  riding around in her car with her friends, feeling excited for her as she had her first kiss with Ken....

I dont remember my Barbies ever having career goals, I dont remember my Barbie desiring to live in a huge house, I dont remember my Barbie travelling the world. I remember that my Barbie had lots of friends and family around and that she had fun doing things for them and with them. She also liked to change clothes a lot from the plethora she had to choose from (Mum made clothes for my Barbies too).
So I wonder what she would say if she could meet the adult me? Would she be surprised by what met her? Or would she just see a bigger version of the little girl she played with?

What would your Barbie say?

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  1. Love it! My Barbies would be very cranky with me because I always cut their hair! Mind you, with the butchering job I did on Dew Drop's fringe the other day, they would probably remember my craftmanship! Maxabella may have more insights into this than me. I seem to have forgotten the details of my childhood...