Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tiny Tots Tuesday..You make me feel like dancing...

MiniMe has got me tapping my feet this week.

She was in her first dance concert on the weekend and it gave me such a good laugh. She wasnt scared one bit by the crowd (her words) and the best bit was getting to eat food with her friends downstairs after her 3 minutes of fame were over. She jumped high and enthusiastically, looking gorgeous in her dalmatian costume. Pure joy to watch her up there having fun!

Yesterday she tried to surprise me by hanging out the washing. Unfortunately the washing wasnt finished (just soaking so the machine was still) so she dragged the washing basket full of hot wet clothes to the line, stood on a bucket and started hauling the clothes on. You cant get cross when the motive was so good! Plus she helped put the wet washing back in the machine.

She then continued to try and be helpful at the shops by getting me a trolley and getting the Weetbix while I stood in the line to pay.

Thank you MiniMe!

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