Monday, November 1, 2010

Questions from the check out person...

When I was pregnant with MiniMe I had numerous check out people ask "How old are you?". They seemed to imply that I was too young to be becoming a mother.

When MiniMe was about 9 months old I was asked "Is this your first child?". She then went on to tell me that this deduction was made as MiniMe looked very anxious because I was an anxious first time mother.

When Goofy was a few months old I was asked "Is this your first child?". They there was much surprise when I mentioned I already had a two year old as I looked too young to have two children (so they said).

When I was pregnant with JollyJumper I was asked "Is this your first child?". Again, much surprise when I told them this was in fact number three, surely I was too young they said.

In the last month I have been shopping at Coles without children, "Would you like the school vouchers?" Suddenly I look old enough not only to have children but school age children!!

In my mind I have only just left high school but the reality is now hitting me, that was much more than a decade ago. I am not as young as I think I am.

Every now and again I look in the car rear view mirror and am surprised that I am the mother of three children. I sometimes feel that while I wasn't looking someone snuck up on me and filled my empty back seat with car seats!

Not that I would change were I am right now or who I am with, just sometimes I am surprised that I am here and so are they. A pleasant surprise!

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