Friday, November 19, 2010

Third daughter...

What do you get an 8 month old girl who has two older sisters for Christmas? She really does not need anything. She doesn't have any hobbies (well none that require equipment). She has an abundance of clothes. But I want to get her something!

MiniMe and Goofy are giving her a hooded beach towel so she can match them at future swimming outings.

I am thinking some wall art stickers so that I can make her room more hers. Currently it is as it was when it was vacated by Goofy.

It is a minefield though. I have just started and I am bamboozled! I stumbled across the above one (giggle smile designs) which it cute but not sure it would work in her room (wall wise).

Has anyone got a good places to check out?


  1. I don't have any good links to suggest...

    How about a book for your daughter? Something special that she can read and keep for when she is older? I got a book of nursery rhymes when i was 11 months at my first christmas and i still have it and read it to my boys now....

    just a thought!


  2. We had the same issue with Dew Drop last year (and he had a twin sister who was the first girl so therefore ready for many gifts AND he has his birthday on Christmas day too). We went for one of those couches that all kids seem to love and books and a hat and a picture for the wall and not much else really. I sure is tricky until they get a personality isn't it!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. U2 suggested an alarm clock so she can learn not to wake up before the number is at 7 or at least learn that anything with a 5 in front equals unhappy parents!
    Cant wait to see her personality!