Monday, November 15, 2010

This weekend was brought to you by the letter M...

Morning sunshine started the weekend. Not sure where spring went but summer was sure here on the weekend.

Magnum Temptation at the beach. I love me a bit of chocolate and ice cream so the new Magnum is a real winner with me!

MiniMe Masterchefing and making Mince cannelloni for dinner. It is great watching her getting into cooking and very sweet that she wants to get on Junior Masterchef so that she can win me a mix master!

Misery Me when I hurt my back on Sunday morning but thankful that U2 vacuumed and mopped for me. It is making me take things a bit easier which while frustrating is probably a good thing.

Merci for weekends!


  1. Sounds ammmmmmmazing!

    How many Points in a Magnum Temptation she wonders...

  2. Oh, so nice. I can't imagine you tucking into a Magnum ice-cream, but I'll be it was lovely!! x

  3. Lovely...especially the Magnum part!

    Thanks for stopping by and following Our Parklife by the way

    Gill xo